Our Brains

Harnessing extraordinary marketing and communications solutions comes down to unlocking brainpower. And, that we have. AXON2 thrives on continuous learning, research and deep-diving into the newest ideas driving innovation in our and our clients' industries.

Why Axon?

An axon is the connector between synapses in our brain that transmits information to other neurons. We feel an axon effectively represents how we work and how we transmit our learnings into fresh marketing and communications programs. AXON2 has selected some of the best talent and resources to build unexpected and impactful programs for our clients. From standout visual design with Lure, to deep digital reach with our partners at ZypMedia, to our robust research and voice/content team members, we are our clients' axons providing reach to their customers' inner synapses.

AXON2 founder Dori Madison has been steeped in all realms of marketing to offer clients the brainpower and creativity needed to drive results. Ask any of her clients: Dori digs right in. With insight, experience and a personal network built from work with Fortune 100 companies, regional and local organizations, she gets things done without wasting clients' time or resources. She's helped launch magazines in advertising sales management and revenue generation. She's supported some of the world's biggest brands to translate new products into programs that drive greater market share. She's secured A1 above-the fold-newspaper coverage for countless clients and averted 60 Minutes reputation-killing coverage for others. She's created cause-related marketing programs that drove retail sales and enhanced social responsibility reputations at the same time. She's developed and activated grassroots voices to support or deny political issues. Dori's behind-the-scenes approach, deep experience and team leadership will lead to surprising results for you too.

Contact Dori by email at dori@axon-2.com or by phone at 407-474-7885.