Transportation & Infrastructure

Few firms in Florida are as well-versed in public and private transportation planning, design and construction. We make the public-private connection smoother with proactive communications planning and delivery - so our client’s position is clear and compelling, and all project stakeholders are engaged as desired. Whether for tolling or transit agencies, P3 teams, environmental and engineering firms, we know what it takes to plan, permit, design and build transportation systems and how to help clients effectively communicate through each phase.

Design & Construction

AXON2 is deeply rooted in the Florida A/E/C industry. We’ve been instrumental in helping design, engineering and construction companies grow by carving out new vertical markets, securing significant projects and building corporate profiles. Founder Dori Madison and her team have worked with international, national and regional firms to develop and execute marketing plans that fulfill short and long-term business goals. Whether for land planners and engineers, environmental consultants, construction companies, architecture firms or building material suppliers, AXON2 speaks your language, knows the players and strategies to boost your bottom line or protect your market share.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A change in ownership can threaten the planned outcomes of a merger or acquisition without effective communications. AXON2 has a proven communications program which helps anticipate and prevent the erosion of customer, industry and employee confidence before, during and after a transaction. We know how to create employee and customer optimism going into a merger or acquisition which is vital to optimizing value creation. The AXON2 team has worked with acquiring organizations or both parties simultaneously to bridge differences in management teams and corporate brands before any announcement is made.

Real Estate Development

AXON2’s roots in Florida have given us decades of experience to help you make genuine connections within your communities, to bridge interests and stakeholders. Our happy clients have included master developers as well as neighborhood groups, residential builders, land planners and engineers, construction companies, transportation firms, environmental consultants, brokers and building material suppliers. If you are considering a new project, we will help you analyze its opportunities and challenges. AXON2 can help you carve out a stronger geographic or vertical market position, and develop a compelling brand. Our team knows what's behind successful real estate planning, development and marketing.

Regulatory/Political Communications

Too often, legal or campaign teams fail to adapt their political messages to consumer-scale messaging when seeking to garner public, political or administrative support. AXON2 augments legal and lobbying efforts with strategic communications for regulatory changes, issue and candidate campaigns. We have formed and activated grassroots organizations to support issues and political positions, helped fend off unfavorable legislation with public and media engagement, and prepared actionable plans for organizations seeking to advance political goals.