Why Axon?

Why "AXON2" as a name for a marketing/communications agency?

People close to me know that I am a nerd and often think too hard. So, in starting up the agency, I had to find a word that represents how I approach the business. After hours of internet research at all hours, and fueled by gallons of English-strong Earl Grey tea, I found "axon" and fell in love with how it represents my philosophy in serving clients.

Axons are the primary transmission lines of the nervous system which transmit information in our bodies to trigger something to move, react and sense things. That's what we do: gather information - from oodles of sources, and get it to the right places where it can make something happen. And, since we do that better than the average agency, I added "2" as in "to the second power."

So what does AXON2 do?

Smarter marcom.

In this highly distracted society, that's not easy. Effective marcom today isn't for the faint-hearted, lazy-minded or for folks who don't want to work smarter and harder to create results. Even the best and brightest corporate marketing teams constantly toy with the right formulas, the right balance of ways to connect meaningfully with customers.

For our clients, we think harder to develop the right strategy before throwing money at what seems to be the flashiest "cool tool of the hour." We put smarter people onto our client's projects. We dig deeper into the competition to know how to make our clients stand out. We look at every tool in the proverbial marcom toolshed – some new and some more traditional, in order to get to the right customer or to keep the ones you have.

Think of AXON2 as an outsource market research division, or as that CMO you wish you had but can't afford full-time, or that team you need to create a stronger market position, to launch a new project, or to win a competitive battle. Give us a goal. We love a challenge and will make it happen.

I invite you to try out our brainpower. Share your most pernicious marcom problem, your most promising new product dream over a cup of tea, lunch or a cocktail. If we can't give you a surprising new idea to help, then we’ll be surprised.

Dori Madison
Founding Brain

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